Lavender Fields of Indian Himalayas (Kashmir) - 2024

Lavender Fields of Indian Himalayas (Kashmir) - 2024

Since 1977, Aromatic and Allied has been dedicated to producing high-quality essential oils by working directly with farmers. Today, we’re excited to share our recent visit to the lavender fields in Jammu and Kashmir region, highlighting our ongoing commitment to supporting farmers and producing the finest Kashmir Lavender Oil.

Our Visit to Kashmir Lavender fields in Himalayas

Recently we visited our farmers & beautiful Lavender fields located at an altitude of 5,295 feet in the foothills of the middle Himalayas was unforgettable. These fields are located in the stunning Himalayan mountains and are where we work closely with hard working farmers. Together, we grow lavender that produces oil famous for its amazing aroma. Because it’s grown at high altitudes, this oil has a unique mix of soft floral and strong powdery scents, making it special worldwide. Our partnership with these farmers is crucial. It helps us produce top-quality oil and supports sustainable farming in this beautiful region.

Building Strong Relationships with Farmers

Aromatic and Allied has built and maintained close relationships with farmers. Since 1977, we have chosen to work directly with farmers, buying materials straight from them from different parts of India. This way, farmers get fair prices without middlemen taking a cut.

Our team regularly visit the fields to offer technical advice and financial support, where needed. These visits are more than just check-ins. We work together with the farmers, giving them tips and new methods to grow high-quality, high-yield lavender crops (in collaboration with top scientists of aromatic crops).

By cutting out the middlemen, farmers earn more from their hard work. This direct connection not only helps farmers make a better living but also ensures we get the best quality lavender crop for our essential oils. Our support and guidance help farmers improve their farming practices and increase their income.

This close relationship is key to our mission. It allows us to produce top-quality Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil while also helping the farmers' communities grow and thrive. We believe in working together for sustainable and fair growth, benefiting both the farmers and our company.

Collaborating with CSIR – IIIM Jammu

We were honored to meet the Director, Dr. Zabeer Ahmed and top aromatic plant scientists of CSIR (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research) – IIIM (Indian Institute of Integrated Medicine) Jammu. Their work under the Aroma Mission, started by our Hon. Prime Minister, has helped develop special Lavender species. We are very grateful to the Hon. Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Jitender Singh, and CSIR DG, Dr. N. Kalaiselvi, for their efforts, which have made this project famous worldwide as the "Purple Mission." Being part of this mission is a big step towards helping farmers and promoting Kashmir Lavender Oil globally.

It’s a privilege for our company to sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with this institute on 14th June 2024. This MoA was signed by our director, Gaurav Mittal, and the director of IIIM Jammu, Dr. Zaheer Ahmed.

The MoA aims to help farmers in Jammu and Kashmir by growing and buying aromatic crops like lavender, rosemary, and others that do well in the high altitudes of the Himalayas. The crops are developed with the help of IIIM Jammu scientists, who create the best species of aromatic plants. These high-value crops and their essential oils will significantly increase the income of farmers, who have long relied on low-income crops like maize and paddy.

Unique Qualities of Kashmir Lavender Oil

Kashmir Lavender Oil is special because of where it is grown. The high-altitude fields in the Himalayan region provide a unique climate and soil that give the lavender plants special ingredients. This results in an oil with a unique and complex smell. It has a mix of soft floral notes and rich, powdery undertones, creating a fragrance that is very unique and desirable.

Perfumers and aromatherapists around the world love Kashmir Lavender Oil for its high quality and rare scent. Its unique and superior aroma makes it a valuable addition to any collection, whether it's for high-end perfumes, therapeutic products, or luxury personal care items. The special qualities of Kashmir Lavender Oil highlight the importance of its unique growing conditions in the Himalayas, setting it apart in the global market.

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Thank you for following our journey. At Aromatic and Allied, we remain dedicated to supporting farmers and producing exceptional Kashmir Lavender essential oil. Stay tuned for more updates and stories.