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We at Aromatic and Allied believes in strength of working as a team. Since 1977 of this farming business there has been a continuous progress of managing a good team in company with increase in work force year on year. We trust in developing strong relationships with colleagues that helps team members to communicate freely and more effectively. Members will encourage and motivate each to work with their strength and talents.

This 'TEAM WORK' in turn helps company to achieve many International and National awards with developing a strong business relations with clients. The great communication skills and happy mood of our 'TEAM' helps to win many projects and tasks that even sometime seems impossible to achieve. We believe in giving a very free and family atmosphere to all our colleagues all time and this is what we believe is our biggest achievement.

Aromatic and Allied Chemicals

Established in 1977, Aromatic & Allied Chemicals is located in the northern part of India which is popular for its herbs and valleys. AAC is one of the leading producers and exporters of 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oils, USDA/NOP/EU Organic Certified Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Natural Aroma Chemicals, Floral absolutes and Natural Perfumes. AAC is committed to responsible sourcing by reviewing our plant materials, harvesting sites and work with our family of farmers for cultivating many aromatic crops in different parts of India for extracting the purest form of Natural Essential Oils. With an unswerving commitment we firmly believe that quality assurance is of utmost importance. AAC is having their modern R&D Center which continuously works for New Product development which is well equipped with GCMS, GCMS-MS, HPLC, Pilot Plants etc.

Gaurav Mittal From the chairman's desk

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