Our History Since 1977

Aromatic & Allied Chemicals (P) Limited is a second generation family owned business started in 1977. AAC are pioneers in the Farming and Manufacturing of Mint crops / Oils in Bareilly region and has been awarded internationally for bringing and growing this crop in North India. Now AAC is the fastest growing firm in exports of its various product from different divisions – Mint Oil, Natural Essential Oils and Natural Aroma Isolates, Aromatherapy Carrier Oils, Herbal Extracts, Organic Certified Essential Oils and Natural Perfumes.

This company was started by Late Shri Brijesh Mittal in 1977 who was Civil Engineer from NIT,Warangal. He started to manufacture his own essential oils in fields by putting‘Distillation Units’ operated by Steam to extract oils from plants. He developed 5 to 10 steam distillation units in his own village those we reutilized for extracting the oils from the plants of Palmarosa, Jamarosa, Lemongrass, and Mints. Later he established his own essential oil industry in Bareilly District, 60 kms away from his Village. He started this industry by the name of ‘Aromatic and Allied Chemicals’ in 1977. After that he never looked back and his industry kept on rising. Starting from manual industry, now this industry is fully automatic with well established fractionation columns,distillation columns, pilot plants, well trained engineered staff and modern scientific instruments. In between Mr. Mittal made many international trips and did his certificate course in management from Rotterdam as a rising Entrepreneur. He also helped many Indian entrepreneurs to develop their own Mint industry with an Aim to develop and support the Indian Farmers to get their crop sold at good price to these industries and he was successful in getting the Mint Industries of India to rise on top of the world. Using his vast international exposure and his practical experience, he then made a joint venture with one of the biggest essential oil company of Europe. Mr. Brijesh Mittal with his dedication then opened an Organic Product Line in his industry dedicated to manufacturing of 100% Organic Products (Essential Oils, Mint Oils,Peas, Potatoes, Mustard Seed, Wheat, Paddy, etc.) and acted as Managing Director of Company till his sad demise on 16th January 2010.

The company rose to heights under his supervision and became the only company in the ‘world’ with Organic Certification and FAIR FOR LIFE Certification Company. Mr. Mittal in support for farmers opened an NGO. This foundation was used by Mr. Mittal to help farmers by making moving hospitals,putting hand-pumps, making WC, etc. in adopted villages. He also made the whole project as FAIR FOR LIFE by removing any child labors from fields and motivating their family to let them go to school.

After sad demise of Mr. Brijesh Mittal, his son, Mr. Gaurav Mittal took over his family business after coming back to India from his worldwide experience in the field of Essential Oils and Fragrances. Mr. Gaurav Mittal did his bachelors and master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from India, Master’s degree in Perfumery from ISIPCA, France – the only institute giving the best perfumers of the world. After carrying out his another master’s degree from France, he did his Masters in Business Management in Aroma Technology from Plymouth University, UK. All the above qualification made Mr. Gaurav Mittal to get into the world of Perfumery to gain the best experiences in this field and learn the state of art technologies. He worked with some of the biggest F&F house of the world – I.F.F. and Givaudan. He worked indifferent parts of the world – Dubai, Holland, USA, France. His last profile was a Trainee Perfumer with Givaudan Perfumery School in Paris, France when he left the job and then came back to India to join his Family Business after sad demise of his father in the year 2010. After coming back to India, he developed the various products lines in this industry and putting world’s best R&D center that consist of GCMS, Automatic Refractometer, Polarimeter, etc. Due to the best qualities they offer which are 100% pure and natural, AAC is now exporting a wide range of products from Natural Essentials Oil and Organic Certified Essential Oils to Fragrances in the world market. Now, AAC is the only company in India, having her projects which are GMO-FREE Certified – thus assuring the oils they are manufacturing are free from any modification and adulteration. Apart from this, AAC is also ISO 9001 : 2015, HACCP, WHO-GMP Certified and her products are KOSHER, HALAL, and EU/NOP/NPOP Organic Certified.

In July 2024, our "Firm" has officially transitioned and been recognized as a Company. We're now known as Aromatic & Allied Chemicals (P) Limited.This evolution reflects our continued growth and commitment to excellence in the essential oil and aroma chemical industry. We're excited about this new chapter and look forward to serving you even better at Aromatic & Allied Chemicals (P) Limited.


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