Manufacturing Natural Menthol Crystals – Aromatic and Allied

Manufacturing Natural Menthol Crystals – Aromatic and Allied

Not many things are as cool and useful as menthol crystals in the world of nice-smelling stuff. They smell great and can be used in lots of things, like medicine, makeup, candy, and even in stuff that makes you feel relaxed. Among all the companies in this field, Aromatic and Allied stand out.

Menthol crystals are like tiny powerhouses of freshness. They're made from Mentha arvensis plants and have a cool, refreshing scent. We're experts in making top-quality menthol crystals that are pure and packed with goodness. So, whether you need a breath of fresh air or a soothing sensation, our menthol crystals have got you covered.

Cultivating Nature's Bounty: Our Unique Connection with Farmers

We start our adventure in the lush fields where Mentha arvensis plants grow strong and healthy. These fields are where we team up with local farmers to grow mint together. We combine traditional farming methods with modern tools to ensure our mint is of the highest quality.

Our partnership with farmers is like a friendship. Our field officers teach them the best ways to grow mint. We have developed the EMT (early mint technology) along with scientists of CSIR – CIMAP that ensures the better yield of the essential oil of Mentha arvensis and also helps in saving a lot of water used for irrigation. We have developed many sustainable clusters for this crop.

Quality Assured: Our Promise of Authenticity

When you choose Aromatic and Allied, you're choosing quality you can trust; we back up with certifications like ISO 9001:2015, proving that our products meet the highest standards along with the WHO-GMP certificate that ensures an international practice and norms are followed for manufacturing Menthol crystals. Every batch of menthol crystals undergoes rigorous testing in our state-of-the-art labs to ensure they're pure and perfect. Our reputation speaks for itself - people around the globe rely on us to deliver the finest menthol crystals available.

At Aromatic and Allied, we're not just in the business of making menthol crystals; we're dedicated to setting a new standard of excellence. What makes us stand out is our commitment to every part of the process, from the very beginning to the final product. We're always pushing the boundaries of what's possible, thanks to our partnerships with top-notch scientific institutions like CSIR, CIMAP.

Extracting Menthol Crystal Production Process- Aromatic and Allied

We pride ourselves on our meticulous extraction process, ensuring that each menthol crystal encapsulates the pure essence of Mentha arvensis. Here's how we turn nature's bounty into exquisite crystals:

1. Harvesting Mint Leaves

We start making our menthol crystals by picking mint leaves of the Mentha arvensis plant in June month every year when the warm temperature is at its extreme. We make sure to choose the leaves when they are fresh and smell really nice. Skilled workers do this carefully. This step is super important because it ensures that we only use the best leaves for making our crystals. This way, we make sure that our menthol crystals are of top quality right from the start.

2. Steam Distillation

After we gather the mint leaves, we used a method of steam distillation. It's a traditional way of getting oils from leaves of Mentha arvensis. The field steam distillation units are installed near to harvesting areas and the freshly cut crops of Mentha arvensis are brought to make the distillation in order to extract the purest essential oil of Mentha arvensis. This is the raw material that is used to make menthol crystals. Generally, the L-Menthol content ranges from 68% - 75% in this oil.

3. Fractional Distillation

The steam-distilled crude oil is brought to the AAC factory where the oil is fed inside the fractional distillation unit. Here the fractions of the terpenes are taken out by fractionation technology. Removing the pungent aroma terpenes helps to make the final product of menthol crystals smell more strong, more pure and more cooling. This technology also helps in removing the pale-yellow color from the crude arvensis oil and we remove the off tones from the crude oil.

4. Freezing and Crystallization