Have you ever smelled the cool, refreshing scent of peppermint and wondered how that small bottle of peppermint oil is made? Let's take a journey into the world of peppermint oil production. It's a fascinating mix of farming, science, and skill. At Aromatic And Allied, we are very proud of our careful process, which starts right at the farm and ends with the purest peppermint oil, ready for you to enjoy.

Visiting Our Certified Farms

Our journey begins with a visit to our farms, where we connect directly with the heart of our production—the farmers. Our team regularly visits these farms to analyze the crops and inspect our crops in fields and distillation units. These visits are more than just inspections; they are opportunities to engage with the local farmers, discuss the crops, and ensure that the oils we produce are of the highest purity. This direct connection not only guarantees quality but also fosters a sense of community and satisfaction among the farmers.

We generally recommend all our clients to visit us during mid-May every year. It’s an excellent time to witness the culmination of our meticulous cultivation process. However, be cautious if you are planning to visit us during this month, as temperatures can rise to approximately 48°C (118°F). Despite the heat, we warmly welcome you to experience first-hand the dedication and care that go into every drop of our peppermint oil.

Staying Connected with Our Farmers for Sustainable Farming

At Aromatic And Allied, staying connected with our farmers is very important. We work closely with farmers who use sustainable farming methods, making sure our production is good for the environment and the community. We start by carefully selecting peppermint plants, which are first grown in nurseries. In January, these plants are moved to large fields. We use organic methods and avoid synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Our field officers watch over the fields and help farmers keep everything organic. Throughout the growing season, our team makes sure the plants get enough water and sunlight.

The Beginning: Cultivating Peppermint

The journey of peppermint oil begins in the fields where peppermint plants are grown. Nursery are prepared using the best quality species of peppermint developed by CIMAP (Central Institute Of Medicinal And Aromatic Plants) of which we are the Industrial partners since many years. We work hand in hand with best scientist of this institute to make available the finest quality of Peppermint species which are then commercialized at our end by providing this to farmers in different regions and our certified lands.

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) grows well in places with a mild climate like North India. We make sure to prepare the land with our farmers so that the soil is rich, drains well, and is slightly acidic. As the plant grows, farmers and our field officers carefully manage them by watching for pests and diseases and making sure they get enough water, especially during dry periods. The plants have the most oil just before they flower, which is usually from mid-May) to late summer, and that’s when we start the harvest.

Harvesting: Timing is Everything

Timing for the harvest is very important. If we harvest the peppermint too early or too late, the leaves won't have the best amount of essential oil.  We inform our farmers when to harvest the crop with care so that it gives the maximum amount of the quality essential oil. After harvesting, the plants are left in the field for a short time to wilt. This wilting process reduces the moisture in the plants, which makes the distillation process work better.

Distillation: Extracting the Essence

Once harvested, it’s time for the magic of distillation. The most common method used is steam distillation. Here’s how it works:

Loading the Still: The first step is loading the cut and wilted peppermint into a still, which is a large container where the steam distillation happens. The still is carefully packed with peppermint to ensure that the steam can pass through all the plant material evenly.

Steam Injection: Next, steam is introduced into the still. The steam travels through the peppermint material, and the heat from the steam breaks down the plant cells. This breakdown releases the essential oils contained within the peppermint leaves and stems.

Condensation: After the steam has passed through the peppermint, it carries the essential oil with it as it exits the still. This steam-oil mixture then enters a condenser. Inside the condenser, the steam cools down and turns back into a liquid form .

Separation: The condensed liquid undergoes separation to isolate the peppermint oil from the water. This separation process ensures that only the purest form of peppermint oil is obtained, free from any contaminants or impurities. The water is then circulated back to the unit thus preserving the natural source and energy.

 At Aromatic And Allied, we take great care at each step to maintain the integrity and quality of the oil, resulting in a product that is pure, potent, and perfect for a variety of uses.

Purification and Testing: Ensuring Quality

The raw peppermint oil collected from the distillation process isn’t quite ready for your use yet. It undergoes purification to remove any impurities. Quality control is paramount; samples of the oil are tested for purity, concentration of active compounds (like menthol and menthone), and overall aroma.

Packaging and Exporting: From Farm to Shelf

After we check that the peppermint oil is good quality, it’s time to put it in bottles. We're very careful with this step to keep the oil pure from our farm to you. We use steel drums to maintain the integrity of the oil and store the peppermint oil in the same. We also put labels on each drum. These labels tell you where the oil comes from, how it was made, and how pure it is – that shows the traceability of each and every drop that we have.

Once we receive the orders these drums are sent to our customers all over the world. It doesn’t matter if they’re nearby or far away, we make sure the oil gets to them safely. At Aromatic And Allied, we want you to have the best peppermint oil, no matter where you are.