Exploring Indian Lemongrass Oil

Exploring Indian Lemongrass  Oil


At Aromatic and Allied, we pride ourselves on our meticulous approach to sourcing and crafting Lemongrass Essential Oil. Our journey begins at carefully selected farms where Lemongrass is cultivated under optimal conditions, ensuring the highest quality raw materials. We partner with local farmers who share our commitment to sustainable and ethical practices, fostering a harmonious relationship with nature. From there, our skilled artisans employ traditional extraction methods combined with modern techniques to capture the essence of Lemongrass in its purest form. Each step of the process is meticulously overseen to maintain the integrity and potency of the oil, resulting in a product that embodies the essence of nature's bounty. With Aromatic and Allied, you can trust that every drop of our Lemongrass Essential Oil is a testament to our dedication to excellence and your well-being.

 Direct Farmer Connections: Cultivating Quality at the Source

At Aromatic and Allied, we work closely with local farmers who grow lemongrass. This helps us ensure we're getting the best quality lemongrass right from where it's grown. By building these direct connections, we can make sure that only the finest lemongrass is chosen for making our essential oil.

Once we get the lemongrass from the farmers, we take great care in making our essential oil. We have our facilities where we do everything – from taking the oil out of the lemongrass to putting it in bottles. Our team of experts watches over every step to make sure the oil is top-notch quality. Making it ourselves means we have full control over how it's made, resulting in a better product.

Information about Lemongrass Essential Oil

 Source: Lemongrass Essential Oil comes from the leaves and stems of the Lemongrass plant (Cymbopogon flexuosus). This plant grows in warm places in parts of India like Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Orissa.

 Extraction Method: To make Lemongrass Essential Oil, we use the Steam Distillation process to get the oil out of the Lemongrass plant. The steam is passed through the plant, which releases the oil. It is then passed via a condenser where the water and oil are separated.

 Therapeutic Benefits: People like using Lemongrass Oil because it helps them feel calm and happy. It can also fight germs, help with muscle pain, and reduce swelling.

 Skincare: Some skin care products use Lemongrass Oil (after diluting with a carrier oil)  because it cleans and tones the skin. It's good for getting rid of acne and oily skin, and it makes your skin look healthy and shiny.

 Caution: Lemongrass Oil is strong, so you have to be careful when using it. If you put too much on your skin, it might irritate it. It's best to mix it with carrier oil before using it. Pregnant women and people with sensitive skin should ask a doctor before using it.

Overall, Lemongrass Essential Oil smells good and has many uses. It's used in aromatherapy, skincare, cleaning, and keeping bugs away. Just remember to use it safely!

­­­Manufacturing Process of Lemongrass Essential Oil by Aromatic and Allied

Aromatic and Allied is a leading manufacturer of Lemongrass essential oil (both Organic certified and Conventional). Here is a detailed overview of their manufacturing process:

Sourcing Lemongrass: Fresh Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus) is meticulously selected from farms renowned for their exceptional produce quality. Most of these farms are owned by Aromatic and Allied and those which are not are taken on lease from farmers for 10-15 years with MoU signed with farmers to maintain a sustainable farming system in place.

Harvesting and Sorting: Mature Lemongrass plants are harvested at the peak of their oil content after 4 months of plantation. Being a perennial crop, the harvesting is done three times a year and the crop stands for five years.  After harvesting, the Lemongrass leaves undergo thorough sorting to remove any inferior quality parts to give the proper distillation results.

 Drying: The cleaned Lemongrass leaves are then subjected to gentle drying methods to reduce moisture content. Proper drying is essential to prevent mold or microbial growth and to preserve the quality of the essential oil. The drying of the Lemongrass leaves also helps to get a better yield of the oil with less consumption of the fuel required for the generation of steam.

 Steam Distillation: Firstly, dried Lemongrass is carefully placed into a specialized container known as a Field Distillation Unit (FDU) containing layers of different meshes. Next, steam is generated at the bottom of FDU by burning the waste grass of lemongrass. This steam is then passed through the leaves of lemongrass inside the FDU, coaxing the volatile oil out from the Lemongrass. Subsequently, the steam, now carrying the oil, undergoes cooling, causing it to condense back into a liquid state. This resulting liquid is a harmonious blend of water and Lemongrass oil.

 Separation: The condensed mixture undergoes separation to isolate the essential oil from the water. Since essential oils are lighter than water, they float on the surface and can be easily separated using a separator or separating funnel. The water that is separated is circulated back into the FDU to save extra energy used to create steam.

 Filtration: The separated Lemongrass essential oil undergoes filtration to remove any impurities or remaining plant particles. This step ensures that the final product is pure and free from any contaminants.

 Quality Testing: Aromatic and Allied conducts rigorous quality tests on the extracted Lemongrass essential oil to ensure it meets their high-quality standards. Tests include analysis for purity, aroma, color, and chemical compositions like GCMS, Refractive Index, Optical Rotation, Specific Gravity, etc.

 Packaging: Once the Lemongrass essential oil passes all quality checks, it is transferred to clean, airtight containers for packaging. Aromatic and Allied ensures that the packaging materials are suitable for preserving the freshness and potency of the essential oil. We recommend packing lemongrass oil in either food-grade HDPE drums or Steel drums. Storing in normal HDPE drums or GI drums can cause deterioration of the quality as some of the constituents of Lemongrass are prone to react with the packing material.

 Labeling and Distribution: The packaged Lemongrass essential oil is labeled with all necessary information, including product name, manufacturing date, batch number, and usage instructions with full traceability. Aromatic and Allied then distribute the finished product to their customers, maintaining a strict focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

 People like our Lemongrass Essential Oil because it smells like fresh citrus and it's really good for you. You can use it in different ways like in aromatherapy to make you feel relaxed, on your skin to keep it healthy, and even as a natural remedy for different problems you might have. It's like a little bottle of goodness that helps you feel better and smell great!

Exporting Lemongrass Essential Oil Worldwide

Aromatic and Allied doesn't just make Lemongrass Oil for local customers. We also send it to many countries around the world. Here's how we do it:

Preparing for Export: Before sending Lemongrass Oil abroad, we make sure it meets international standards for quality and safety. This includes checking that the oil is pure and free from any impurities.

Packaging: We pack the Lemongrass Oil carefully in large containers suitable for shipping long distances. These containers are designed to keep the oil safe and secure during transportation.

Customs Documentation: We prepare all the necessary paperwork for exporting Lemongrass Oil, including customs declarations and export permits. This ensures smooth clearance of the oil through customs in different countries.

Shipping: We work with reliable shipping partners to transport the Lemongrass Oil to various destinations worldwide. We choose shipping methods that are efficient and cost-effective to ensure timely delivery.

Compliance with Regulations: We ensure compliance with regulations and requirements specific to each country we export to. This includes adhering to regulations related to product labeling, packaging, and import restrictions.

Customer Support: We provide excellent customer support to our international clients, assisting them with any inquiries or concerns they may have regarding the Lemongrass Oil or the export process.

Quality Assurance: Even after the Lemongrass Oil reaches its destination, we continue to monitor its quality to ensure customer satisfaction. We remain committed to delivering high-quality products that meet the needs of our international customers.

By exporting Lemongrass Essential Oil worldwide, we aim to share the benefits of this natural product with people around the globe. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer service ensures that our Lemongrass Oil is well-received and valued by customers in all corners of the world.

 Why is our Lemongrass Essential oil special?

We use high-quality Lemongrass from our farms that grow naturally without the use of any chemicals.

We extract the oil gently using steam, avoiding harsh chemicals.

Each batch is carefully tested to ensure quality and fragrance.

Our production methods are eco-friendly, minimizing harm to the environment.

We distribute our oil worldwide, making it accessible to everyone.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority, with a focus on listening and providing support.

 Overall, what makes Aromatic and Allied Lemongrass Essential Oil special is our commitment to using the best raw materials, and gentle methods, caring for the environment, making custom solutions, sharing them with the world, and most importantly, making sure our customers are happy with what they get.