Posted on August 09
5 Steps towards Green and Nature Living

Eco-friendlyor green living can be your next big step for several reasons. You might have decided to save money, or it could be caring for the environment. Either way,your decision, and approach will help the world in its present state of global warming.

Here are 5 steps for green and nature-based living:

  1. Switch It Off : Less energy consumption helps reduce the carbon footprint. Saving electricity is the best means of reducing energy consumption. Switching off unnecessary lights and other electrical appliances will help you take a step towards a greener world. Also, you can use fluorescent or LED light bulbs which are available for many light fixtures and use one-fourth energy as compared to regular bulbs. These bulbs also run longer, saving the cost spent on their frequent changing. 

  2. Smart Eating HabitsOur eating habits also affect the environment. Choosing an eco-friendly diet like eating less meat is also a step towards green living and accounts for reducing carbon footprint. Also,use your kitchen waste effectively. You can create your manure or fertilizer for your garden by using the waste of fruits and vegetables at your home. It will save the anaerobic decomposition and methane gas build-up.

  3. Follow the Three R’s: Recycle: Recycling is another step towards a more natural environment. You can recycle anything batteries, bottles to paper and cars. Re-use: Also, re-using plastic bottles rather than throwing them in the trash helps reduce plastic waste. Reduce: Plastic has crawled its way in our lives faster than we think. But with specific techniques, you can easily cut it out of your daily use. Use steel or aluminium water bottles instead of plastic and use jute bags for buying fruits and vegetables.

  4. Eco-friendly Cleaners: Essential oils have a lot of properties and can easily replace your chemical cleaning products. The mixture of few drops of essential oils, baking soda, and vinegar works exactly like store-bought harmful cleaners. Using these ingredients helps reduce harsh chemical wastes in natural bodies. The use of homemade cleaners also helps reduce plastic waste as almost all cleaners are sold in plastic bottles.

  5. Gardening Techniques: Planting trees is an effective way to give back to the environment. They act as natural filters and absorb harmful gases from the air.You can also grow some plants inside your house, which effectively absorb the pollutants from carpets or furniture. Also, you can use essential oils instead of chemical pesticides in your garden as an approach to reduce chemical waste. Some more steps like not wasting food, using fuel efficiently, aromatherapy, and using renewableS are some other steps towards a green and natural living.