Posted on August 05
Are Essential Oils safe for Pets ?

Essential oils are not just a trend but have a long history from biblical times. Essential oils, with their pleasant aroma and health benefits, give a happy and peaceful feeling to humans. If you use these oils, you definitely might wonder their use for your canine friends.But are essential oils safe to use on animals? The question can’t be answered in one word as a lot of procedures and cautions are associated with it. As the use of various other things like chocolates and high quantities of some fishes have adverse effects on various pets, essential oils also act differently on your animal friends.But we might wonder how these oils help our adorable pets? Well, you can use some oils for certain pets by following specific precautions.


Essential Oils: Are they Safe for Pets?

You put much effort into keeping your animal friend safe from any chemical and harmful cleansers. The question here is if essential oils safe for pets?

Some essential are safe for pets, while others are not. With a proper understanding of their use, you can use these oils for your furry friends. Essential oils like ginger, cedarwood, clary sage, chamomile, etc. are safe for use on pets.However, make sure to use these oils with some carrier oils as they are highly concentrated.

Uses of Essential Oils: Which Ones to Consider?

Your friendly companions bring a lot of joy and fun in your life. But they also possess some problems which account for one of the downsides of having a pet. Here are some of the uses of essential oils for pets:

  • For Bad Odor and Smell - Pet odor is a common problem for many pet owners, and essential oils can be your next choice for this problem. Essential oils have an aromatic fragrance and give a refreshing feeling to your home. You can use essential oils in diff users and place them in areas with the highest pet odor.
  •  Pests and insects - The cuddly feel of your pet’s fur relieves a lot of your everyday stress. But sometimes the fear of certain pests might keep you far from your loving friends. Don’t worry as essential oils not just provide with fresh smell but also have certain components that repel various pests and insects.

Essential Oils and Animal Species 

While,some animals react positively to essential oils, for others, they might be poison. Here we describe the effect of essential oils on dogs and birds.

  1. Essential Oils and Men’s Best Friend - The dog-human connection is a century-old relation, and this connection is very well established when it comes to the use of essential oils. Essential oils are perfectly safe for dogs, but you need to be precautious as dogs are more sensitive to these oils. You need to dilute them check to see how much they can tolerate.
  2. Essential Oils and Birds - If you are a bird owner, the use of essential oils is a big no! Be it in diffusers or using topically, birds have incredibly sensitive respiratory systems and can’t tolerate the odor of essential oils. The same effect is on fish.

Safe Essential Oil Recipes

  • Tick Spray for Dogs - With the summer season comes great joy and a lot of fleas and ticks for your dogs. Thank God the blessing of essential oils will help solve your trouble. 
  • Diluting Essential Oils - Rosemary Essential Oil can be used by mixing with soaps or shampoos.

Do you want to use essential oils on your pets or not? That question can only be answered by you alone. You may use the tips and advises given above when using the recommended essential oils in right concentration and  enjoy their effects.