Posted on November 18
Himalayan Cedarwood Oil

Cedarwood Himalayan Essential Oil is versatile and powerful oil but there is a wonderful gentleness to this oil. Used for centuries in India, ancient Egypt, and other parts of Africa and Asia, the essential oil from cedar trees have been part of many religious beliefs and traditions for hundreds of years. This essential oil is made by Steam Distillation of roots of the tree ‘Cedrus deodara’. The main constituents of this oil are:

  • Alpha Himachalene

  • Beta Himachalene

  • Gamma Himachalene

  • Atlantone

There are many benefits of this essential oil:

Helps in Hair Growth

Alopecia areata is a disease that causes the immune system to attack hair follicles, leading to hair loss. Cedarwood is one of several essential oils that may improve hair growth. A small 1998 study reported in Archives of Dermatology Trusted Source indicated that people with alopecia areata experienced significant hair growth when given a daily scalp massage of cedarwood, thyme, rosemary, and lavender essential oils, along with carrier oil.

Skin Care

Cedarwood oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. This may make it beneficial for skin conditions like acne. Try using cedarwood oil as an acne treatment by adding two or three drops to 5 teaspoons of a noncomedogenic carrier oil and applying it to your skin for 20 minutes once or twice a week. You can also add a few drops of cedarwood essential oil to a facial scrub. Cedarwood oil may also be beneficial for other skin conditions. For example, it may reduce the appearance of scars, treat minor wounds, alleviate arthritis pain, and sooth symptoms of eczema.

Good Sleep

When used as an aromatherapy treatment, cedarwood oil may have sedative qualities, making it beneficial for alleviating occasional insomnia.

Prevents risk of Infection

When used with carrier oil like coconut and massaged onto a small wound or burn helps to prevent the risk of infection.